Dhu'l Qiddah 1439 AH Crescent Report for the City of Sharjah

Basic Astronomical Information about the observations of the crescent of Dhu'l Qiddah 1439 AH:

 Jul. 13, 2018Jul. 14, 2018
Sun/Moon dataSun/Moon Data
New Moon06:47--
Sunset (Azimuth)19:11(295ْ)19:11 (294ْ)
Moonset (Azimuth)19:33 (292ْ)20:30 (289ْ)
Moon's Altitude4.1ْ 15.9ْ
Lag Time (Minutes)2279
Age (Hrs, Min)12 h 2436 h 24 m



A difficult setting for the crescent to be observed on Jul. 13 with the naked eye but not an impossible situation. We should expect the first day of Dhu'l Qiddah 1439 AH to be on Saturday Jul. 14, 2018.