Rajab 1440 AH Crescent Report for the City of Sharjah


Basic Astronomical Information about the observations of the crescent of Rajab 1440 AH:

 Mar. 06, 2019Mar.07, 2019
Sun/Moon dataSun/Moon Data
New Moon20:03--
Sunset (Azimuth)18:22 (264ْ)18:23 (265ْ)
Moonset (Azimuth)18:13 (265ْ)19:05 (264ْ)
Moon's Altitude-- 8.2ْ
Lag Time (Minutes)--42
Age (Hrs, Min)--21 h 30 



An impossible setting for the crescent to be observed on Mar. 06 with the naked eye because the Moon sets before sunset. We should expect the first of Rajab 1440 AH to start on Friday, Mar. 08, 2019.