Safar 1438 AH Crescent Report for the City of Sharjah

Basic Astronomical Information about the observations of the crescent of Safar 1438 AH:

 Oct. 30, 2016Oct. 31, 2016
Sun/Moon dataSun/Moon Data
New Moon21:38 --
Sunset (Azimuth)17:39 (255ْ)17:38 (254ْ)
Moonset (Azimuth)17:42 (259ْ)18:19 (256ْ)
Moon's Altitude0ْ 8ْ
Lag Time (Minutes)--40
Age (Hrs, Min)



An impossible situation to see the crescent Moon on Oct. 30 since the Moon is not born yet. It will be possible to see it on Oct. 31 despite its low altitude. We should expect the first of Safar 1438 AH to start on Tuesday, Nov. 01, 2016.