Astronomy Observatory
The SCASS observatory is primarily used for teaching observational astronomy, public education in astronomy, and modest students research projects. It is equipped with three telescopes:

  1. 17” (450 mm) / f6.8 Corrected Dall-Kirkham reflector. It is suitable for deep sky observation and astrography.
  2. 180 mm / f7 triplet fluorite apochromatic refractor. It is mainly used for planetary observation and white light solar observation.
  3. 105 mm / f5.2 triplet ED apochromatic refractor. It is mainly used for Ha solar observations.

These three main instruments are mounted on a German equatorial mount. The whole telescopic system resides inside an observatory dome with dust proof sealing. Other instruments are also connected to the system like the SBIG STX16803 CCD camera and an Echelle Compact Spectrograph (BACHES).

This system is unique in the quality of the lenses used and its high quality mirrors. It is connected to an electronic control network that posts the acquired data on the internet to enable users to use the telescope anywhere in the world. Academically, the observatory plays a significant role in teaching astronomy and astrophysics to university students who are rapidly increasing in numbers every semester. Enthusiasts and the general public would also have a share in the sky as there ar​​e specific nights every month designated for public viewing with assistance from astronomers of the center where important astronomical events such as the lunar and solar eclipses are broadcast to the halls inside the center for the public to see such events collectively.​​​