Exhibition Halls


You and your family are invited to explore the universe through experiment, amusement and entertainment. There are several wonderful space exhibitions that will put you on infinite pathways of knowledge.


Exhibition 1 : The Blue Galaxy

You are now in the era of Aristotle, Al-Biruni and Al-Sufi. You are going to explore the universe through their simple instruments. Are you going to experience the fascinating astrolabe like Al-Biruni, or are you going to be busy bombarding the moon and other planets with devastating asteroids? Either way, you will not make it through before you draw the perfect line for the spaceship to get to Jupiter and Saturn and simulate the orbiting of two double stars in space.



Exhibition 2 : The Green Galaxy

Here, you travel further to join Galileo and Kepler at the first steps of modern astronomy using the first telescopes, Newton's reflecting telescope and Cassegrain amazing telescope. In the middle of the galaxy, you and your children are going to have the opportunity to be amused by the mirror that bends the universe around you. Alright then, while you are launching toward the Red Galaxy, are you going to abandon your responsibility of steering your stray telescope when it has become a real challenge to focus it on the moon?



Exhibition 3 : The Red Galaxy

What? Has your spaceship really reached the Red Galaxy? Then get ready to join the scientists in analyzing light. Here is Newton who needs your help. What is the story of the hot light? Will you participate in discovering remote exoplanets orbiting other stars, or are you still busy gauging the speed of light, like professional experimental scientists? Before departing the Red Galaxy, do not miss out on exploring the amazing Doppler Effect.


Exhibition 4 : The Orange Galaxy

On your tour here, you are going to witness some high level experiments. So, get ready to pay a visit to a black hole, but do not let the galaxy gravity lens trick you. Otherwise, you will not succeed in witnessing the first few moments of the birth of the galaxy, the Big Bang. While travelling at high speed now, do not let the speed of time and length of objects deceive you. Good! Do not worry! Here is Einstein on your side with his bicycle that simulates the theory of relativity.


Exhibition 5: Air-Powered Rocket Challenge

If you are in a hurry, stop the talk and head immediately to the ultra-speed rocket. Are you ready now to try your rocket which is powered by pressurized air? Surprise your friends and family with how skillful you are at launching turbo rockets.


Exhibition 6: Fan-Powered Engines or Rockets

You will be travelling from Sharjah to the North Pole then to outer space on a two-engine spaceship, one engine for the atmosphere where there is air and another for outer space where there is absolute emptiness. So be a smart scientist and decide which engine to use in each phase of your journey.


Exhibition 7: Docking Maneuver

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have run out of food, oxygen and scientific supplies, and they are awaiting your spaceship with the supplies. Would you reach them safely and deliver the supplies, or will you disappoint then and expose them to hunger and lack of oxygen? Show us your skills!


Exhibition 8: Moon Landing Challenge

Do you still wish to travel and land on the moon like Neil Armstrong did in 1969? The spaceship designed for landing on the moon is waiting for your orders and manipulation of the controls. Go for it and make sure you land it smoothly and safely on the moon while avoiding a crash on meteor craters.


Exhibition 9: The International Space Station (ISS)

Far away in the sky at a distance of 400 kilometers, the International Space Station (ISS) is now only a few meters away above you head. Is it time to discover the International Space Station (ISS) which orbits earth once every ninety minutes? When was it launched? On how many phases was it built? What countries participated in its construction? What does it consist of? How do astronauts survive there in the near zero gravity atmosphere? You are about to find out the answers to all of these questions and more. What are you waiting for? Book your ticket and board the International Space Station (ISS), like a real astronaut, through its five screens.


Exhibition 10: The Graphical Story of the Universe

Would you like to know the truth behind the dark matter in the universe? Are you still astounded by the notion that there might be life elsewhere in the universe? Can you visualize the shape of our milky way and our location in it? Would you like to know how our moon was formed? Then get ready for the biggest scientific journey by reading the largest cosmic book ever. It is a graphic book attached on the circumference of the planetarium. It is a scientific novel of the universe from the Big Bang until today.


Exhibition 11: Graphic Book of Space Technology

Do the years 1957 and 1969 mean anything to you? If you answer with the negative, you will change your mind after you browse the pages of this wonderful book which takes you from the first moments of space race until today in the most fascinating pictures and information. Book your ticket and proceed to the ground level. Before you get to the cosmic cafeteria to have your cosmic snacks or to the gift shop to buy astronomical and scientific souvenirs from the Space and Astronomy Gift Shop, make sure that you and your family browse the Graphic Book of Space Technology to educate yourselves about space and its technologies, explore the celestial objects, and landing on the moon.


Exhibition 12: The Universe in the Holy Qur'an Exhibition

Our universe is abundant with scientific and geometric miracles that have puzzled philosophers and scientists for thousands of years. Similarly, the Holy Qur'an is rich with verses that illustrate the might of Allah Almighty and the greatness of His creation. Let us go together to learn the story of how the universe has been created starting from the Big Bang through to the formation of the stars, the galaxies, and the solar system and finally to its final destination. All of this constitutes a unique harmony between what scientists believe today and what The Creator of the universe taught us in the Holy Qur'an 14 centuries ago.