SAASST Celebrates the Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019

16 Jul 2019

SAASST Celebrates the Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019

It was hot, humid, and windy. This was the night of July 16/17 to observe a partial lunar eclipse at the Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences, and Technology. Three 10-inch Meade telescopes, three giant binoculars, and a large 100 inch TV screen were set to host 100's of observers.

The observations started around 9:00 pm with the observations of planets Jupiter and Saturn. The general public was excited to see the largest planet of the solar system Jupiter and its four closest moons. Saturn widely posed its beautiful rings despite the bright full Moon being very close.

The partial lunar eclipse started at 12:01when the Moon gradually entered Earth's shadow. The general public patiently witnessed the event as the Moon started to turn a little bit reddish. Besides questions about the lunar eclipse, the public asked several questions about astronomy, the academy, and other pertinent questions related to Moon's hoax. The observation ended when the last observer left around 03:00 am.

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