Have you ever been on a desert safari and seen the sky glittering with stars in a dark moonless night? Do you feel a tinge of sadness for missing out on this unique experience in the city? At this place, beauty shines, and secrets are uncovered.

It is the big and sophisticated planetarium that looks like the sun from outside, but it shines with science and knowledge in the skies of Sharjah. Inside, it is your gateway to the deepest secrets of the universe and the brightest views of the sky. Book your ticket and join two hundred sky enthusiasts in a journey through the cosmos with a picture of the sky blanketing you above your head and a mind-captivating sound to explore the sky, the constellations, the planets and the brightest of stars.
Under a dome of more than 18 meters diameter, which can host more than 200 visitors, equipped with a set of high-precision digital projectors and the most advanced MegaStar projector which can display nearly 10 million celestial bodies and other projectors that display the planets sway gracefully around the sun in the most beautiful astronomical rhythm, we invite you to join us in our journey, assisted by one of the most sophisticated software specifically designed in cosmic shows, UniView, which will take you on a tour through the solar system to see Saturn with its dazzling rings and Neptune with its pure colors.

Of course, you will not be leaving before you see one of your favorite films here. Look at the schedule, select the show of your choice in your preferred language, and book your seat. Leave your worries outside and join us in a world of cosmic purity and peace of mind on a journey that starts here and never ends.​